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A listing of all volunteers throughout the world who are willing to become donors to any HLA matched patient requiring a bone marrow transplant. Since 1993, when the New York Blood Center's National Cord Blood Program began listing its cord blood units with BMDW, the Netherlands-based organization has included the inventories of cord blood units from banks around the world.
Visit the BMDW Website. The listing is updated monthly.

An international network of cord blood banks whose goals are to promote international standards for cord blood banking and to provide unified access to high quality cord blood units from member banks. NETCORD's "Virtual Office" provides Transplant Centers access to all the cord blood units currently available in NETCORD-affiliated cord blood banks. The NYBC's National Cord Blood Program and NETCORD collaborated with FACT to establish the NETCORD-FACT Standards for Cord Blood Banks (internationally adopted minimal standards for cord blood banks) and a mechanism to inspect and accredit cord blood banks in the United States and internationally. Dr. Pablo Rubinstein, the NYBC's National Cord Blood Program Director, is a founding member and former Vice-President of NETCORD.
Visit the NETCORD Website.

FACT (formerly FAHCT):
Founded in 1994, the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) is a non-profit, voluntary organization that develops, maintains and updates comprehensive standards for all aspects of hematopoietic stem cell collection, processing and transplantation. FACT and NETCORD together inspect Cord Blood Banks and offer accreditation to those that meet the joint NETCORD-FACT Standards. The NYBC's National Cord Blood Program was the first Cord Blood Bank to receive NETCORD-FACT accreditation.
Visit the FACT Website.


Please Note:
BMDW, NETCORD and FACT each maintain and manage their own independent websites. Although the New York Blood Center's National Cord Blood Program is affiliated with each of these organizations, it does not review, control or take responsibility for the content of these Websites.

Unrelated Cord Blood Transplant Recipient Jaclyn Albanese

Catalina Infante Golowasch (NCBP cord blood transplant recipient, from Chile), visiting NYBC in December 2014, with Dr. Pablo Rubinstein. Today, Catalina is a registered nurse in obstetrics at the Catholic University Hospital in Santiago, Chile. She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at age 12, and was told, after two years of chemotherapy, that she would need a stem cell transplant to survive. In 2002, Catalina was transplanted with a lifesaving cord blood stem cell unit from NYBC's National Cord Blood Program (NCBP).