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Your Support Helps Save Lives
There are two ways to help the National Cord Blood Program – by donating cord blood and by making a financial gift to help defray the high cost of operating our stem cell bank.

Donate Cord Blood
You can donate your baby's cord blood if you will be delivering at one of our partner hospitals. Cord blood donations help us improve the chance that future stem cell transplant patients will find the match they need. Our program's goal is to collect and store up to 100,000 cord blood units from ethnically diverse donors.

Make a Financial Gift
Each cord blood unit costs us several thousand dollars to collect, test, process, store and ship to a patient. But to find a suitable match, we need to have many more units available than will ever be used in patients. So a single matched unit used in a stem cell transplant actually costs our program tens of thousands of dollars to produce and store.

Gifts of any size are immensely helpful, tax deductible to you, and will be used exclusively to help fund our operations and future patients in need. Contributions can be made online, by phone, or mail. We hope we can count on you to make a gift in support of our program's important work.

Give Online

Give by Mail
New York Blood Center Inc.
P.O. BOX 419354
Boston, MA 02241-9354 *

Give by Phone
(212) 570-3496

* Your check should be made out to New York Blood Center Inc., kindly remember to designate the "National Cord Blood Program" in the memo line on your check.

Major Donors
Our program gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following major donors:

Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Nissho Corporation
New York Life Insurance Company
Pall Medical Corporation

Elmer & Mamdouha Bobst Foundation
James & Judith K. Dimon Foundation
Hearst Foundation
The Hyde & Watson Foundation
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Kettering Family Foundation
Kowitz Family Foundation
New York Life Foundation
Sunny & Abe Rosenburg Foundation
May & Samuel Rudin Family Foundation
Walter & Louise Sutcliffe Foundation
Soros Fund Foundation
Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation
The Starr Foundation

Joan Kent, M.D.
Howard P. Milstein