Our program provides cord blood in the following usage and product categories:

  1. For Transplantation:  HEMACORD® (HPC, Cord Blood), FDA-licensed hematopoietic stem cell product available to transplant centers worldwide. In addition, NCBP has an extensive inventory of clinical-grade units available under an Investigational New Drug (IND) exemption from the FDA
  2. For Cellular Therapies:  Stem cells for use in clinical trials, provided on a case-by-case basis
  3. For Research:  Processed and unprocessed cord blood for research use by academic, instutional and commercial users 

Procurement Methods

HEMACORD® and IND units are available directly to transplant centers and registries through WebSearch™, our proprietary secure online interactive tool. WebSearch™ can be used to register patients, search for cord blood units (CBUs), view all information related to a CBU, reserve a CBU, order testing or additional information, and place an order for shipment. There is no cost to register, and once complete, you will be contacted by our coordinators to provide interactive online training and complete the registration process.

Our full inventory of clinical CBUs for transplantation is also availale for search and procurement via NMDP's Be the Match™ registry and the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA).

Research Products
Cord blood for basic and applied research on stem and immune cells are available for request using our secure online platform.